2013 Objectives

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Ok, let’s play this game! Here you have my objectives for 2013:

  • Enjoy life as much as I can with Laurie, friends and family. That includes travelling!
  • Push Erasmusu.com to a new dimension working on it in a daily basis. I’m planning to spent 4 / 5 hours each day on it.
  • Finish the PC / Mac version of California Office… yes, this time for real! I swear!
  • Obtain a driving licence. Yes, It’s sounds ridiculous but I don’t have one yet.
  • Finish my side project. Just ask if you are interested in knowing more.
  • Learn more French. After my year in Belgium I’m already able to maintain a conversation, but my writing skills are really poor.
  • Learn more about Japan and it’s culture. I want to spent 3 months in Japan by March 2014. I hope!
  • Save more money. Japan is going to be expensive.
  • Read more books about design! This one is going to be easy 🙂

The first step is to start!

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  • One advice : pass the licence before the 21st of january, it will be harder later…

    1 de enero de 2013
  • We will se my dear 🙂

    2 de enero de 2013

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